Monday, 20 April 2009

Love me till my Ashes....

Love me the way you want to, Leaving this mist around me.
Allow me to love you the way I want to.
I'm just mad, mad about you my Love.
Your eyes has that spark, It burns me to ashes my love.
Allow me to burn in the fire of love.
It's all fun when you are around.
Have no other words to say about you my Love.
Allow me to Say that "I love you".
This warmth, this softness is what I need.
This love is all what I can give,
Rest will remain in my Ashes.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Never too late to LOVE again

Tell me that u were waiting for me when i didn't turn around,
Tell me that you missed me when i wasn't around,
Just don't tell me that its too late to have you back.

Tell me that you always wanted me in your life,
Tell me that I am the ONE in your life,
Holding out your hand when whole world is gone,
Just don't tell me that its too late to have you back..

Remembering all de words we said,
tell me you still kiss the flowers i left behind.
Just don't tell me its too late to love, cos now i know you're de ONE.
Just tell Me that its never too late to LOVE.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Come Live Me....

When you are around why do I Feel complete.
I get this feeling I can’t live without you.
Now I have you by my side why do I feel that I am safe only in your arms..
Be my Girl, be my shadow.
Come into my life.. Come Live me.. Come stand by me…

Just give me your heart and give your hand into my hands..
Just be with me…
Come with me my girl.
I will let you be what you wanna be..
I will be your soul..
Come into my life.. Come Live me.. Come stand by me…

Will hold your heart safe with me, will never walk out of your life..
Will always be with you…
I will make you feel like a Queen..
I will make you feel like a woman…
We will be complete if we are together…
Come into my life..Come Live me.. Come stand by me…

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Little Love Story......

A Little Love Story is all I wanna tell here...
When I first met you we were young...
You were holding someone Else's hand and I wished you could be mine.
Wanted to take you to a place where there is no one else but You and Me.
Having all the fun that you want us to.
You would be my Juliet and I would be you Romeo.
Just a blink of eye and I remember how things were not so clear.
I swear I wanted you not to leave.
Never to leave me alone.
I want to meet you and take you away from world.
This is my little Love story. :)
P.S. Well I am sure I can do a lot better. Just lost the knack of doing this. But I promise to be back with much more......